Ideas for Nutritious Lunchbox Meals Prepped in Advance

Ideas for Nutritious Lunchbox Meals Prepped in Advance

Regardless of whether you have your lunch overlooking a beautiful landscape or in the office at your desk, planning ahead can make it much more enjoyable and nutritious. This can also help you save money by avoiding the need to go to a fast food drive thru or expensive restaurant for lunch.

A healthy filling lunch will help you eliminate an afternoon slump in energy as they perk you up instead of taking you down. And they do wonders for your after lunch productivity.

A good idea for pre-prepared lunches is to have a combination of carbs, proteins and vegetables to give you a healthy balanced meal. Excellent lunchtime proteins to pick from include fish, chicken, steak, eggs and tofu.

There is an abundance of great vegetables for lunchtime. A few you can pick from include cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, peas, lettuce and many more. There are some great choices for carbs as well, including, brown rice, potatoes, quinoa and couscous.

With so many different methods for preparing them, you are unlikely to run out of different ideas or delicious new tastes. A new trend for a filling and healthy lunch is salads served in mason jars. There are many excellent recipes online for mason jar salads, as an example, a great recipe for a healthy lunch includes chicken, black beans, tomatoes, corn, lettuce along with avocado dressing.

Having a Mason jar salad such as this one is very appetizing both to look at and look forward to for your lunch. The containers you use are a very important element of your lunchtime meal prepping. Mason jars along with sturdy plastic ware are an excellent choice for pre-prepared soups and meals that will require heating up in the microwave.

An excellent choice for any kind of healthy wrap is flour tortillas. Food ingredients that are versatile allow you to be creative such as, chicken, rice, healthy vegetables and quinoa. These ingredients are less messy and easier to consume than many other ingredients.

Adding fruits like strawberries and mandarin oranges to a salad is a very tasty and healthy option to reach your daily quota for fruit. Adding nuts to a salad like pecans and walnuts can jazz up and add a little crunch to a boring lunch.

One lunchtime option you should not forget is the sandwich. Sandwiches can easily be prepared well in advance using ingredients that are rich in nutrients and low in calories. Some excellent lunchtime options include a low calorie chicken salad with whole grain bread or tomatoes with hummus and spinach.

There is no reason for your lunchtime meals to be bland or boring. There is a wide range of choices to select from that are very simple and quick to prepare. By using your creativity and imagination you will never need to put up with a bland or boring lunch ever again.

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