Meal Prep Ideas That Do Not Require Cooking

Meal Prep Ideas That Do Not Require Cooking

Meal preparation is frequently carried out just once a week on a specific day when you have some spare time, for example the weekend. Whilst lots of meal preparation plans call for cooking in order to get meals in casserole dishes and then freeze them, some meal prep requires absolutely no cooking in any way.

The following are some helpful and useful suggestions for a no cook meal prep plan and still helps you prepare yourself for your various meals for the upcoming week:

Prepare Your Vegetables

An easy and simple way for meal preparation without having to cook something is to take all your raw vegetables for the season and slice them up into smaller sized pieces. You can also cut some veg into wedges if you intend to roast them as side dishes.

Some vegetables will subsequently be skinned, so it is up to you whether you want to remove the skin in advance or following the meal preparation process. For example, you can remove the skin from your zucchini and other squash, then slice them up and put them in plastic containers.

Within each container, attempt to have a combination of sliced vegetables, that tend to fit with similar meals.

Jazz Up Your Vegetables

If you want to have vegetable pasta, a spiralizer is going to be required. Instead of trying to slice vegetables as thinly as possible, you can use a spiralizer, which provides you pasta like strings of your preferred veggies. Zucchini and squash are great for vegetable pasta, though you can experiment with other vegetables too.

Add Marinate to Your Meat

Even if you are not cooking any meat yet, it does not imply you cannot utilize it in your meal prep! As a matter of fact, just separating the meat into portion-size containers for later is a big assistance.

Then you do not need to prepare the entire chicken breasts in advance, but simply put one chicken breast in each freezer bag or container ready for your evening meal.

Another method for meal prepping with your meat without cooking is to put it in a container and add your marinade. The longer it sits in the marinade, the more delicious it will be when it is time to cook it.

Prepare Your Oatmeal

If you like to have overnight oats, you can prep these in advance. Take some mason jars and add a single portion size of oatmeal to the jar, then add your choice of toppings to each jar.

Each jar of oatmeal can contain a different taste or recipe, such as a combination of different berries, or apples and cinnamon, or strawberries and almonds oatmeal jars. These are all suitable to prepare in advance for when you want to have a scrumptious oatmeal breakfast.

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