Tasty and Delicious Meal Prep Lunch Ideas

Tasty and Delicious Meal Prep Lunch Ideas

When you work away from your home and take your lunch with you it can feel as if you are having the same meals every time. It does not need to feel like this as there are many tasty and delicious healthy meals that can be prepped in advance to make your daily lunch break fun again.

The following are some tasty and delicious lunch ideas that can be prepped in advance to free up your time during the week:

Salads in Mason Jars

There is a wide variety of different salads that can be prepped in advance and placed in Mason Jars which will keep them fresh for the full week.

The salad ingredients must be stacked in the correct order within the Mason Jars and when it is you will be pleasantly surprised with how long they will last.

There are no restrictions on the salad ingredients that you can put in the Mason jars, whichever is your preferred salad can be placed inside the jars.

Grilled Chicken Vegetable Bowls

This is a delicious and flexible lunch time meal idea. First grill the chicken and then add in the brown rice. Next for the vegetables you can add in any veggies you have to hand or that is in season. You can vary how the vegetables are prepared by either putting them on the grill, steam them, or roast them.

Bento Box with Brown Rice

This tasty lunch meal prep idea requires grilled chicken and brown rice. You can add a teriyaki sauce or a sweet chili sauce to give the meal a bit of spice. Either one of these sauces will help with the flavor plus the rice will not be dry when you eat it.

Beans, Brown Rice and Broccoli

Locate a recipe for black beans that you fancy and has the flavors you like, and then add in some broccoli and brown rice to the recipe. This is a great combination for a tasty and delicious lunch time meal.

Quinoa and Roasted Broccoli Bowl

For this dish you will require red quinoa, chick peas, roasted broccoli, avocado, feta cheese and grapes. Next mix the following ingredients together to create a dressing, olive oil, honey, Dijon mustard, kosher salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Stir Fry Shrimp

Search for a stir fry recipe that you will enjoy and prepare the meal one night. Any leftovers from this meal can be utilized to prepare a stir fry shrimp. Sauté any vegetables you have available to hand. Garlic or ginger both work very well with shrimp. Next add in either Pad Thai noodles or brown rice.

Using all of these tasty lunch time meal ideas will mean you do not have to suffer the boredom of having the same sandwiches each day. This would mean you will be less likely to feel the need to eat out during your lunch breaks at fast food outlets or local restaurants by taking a delicious lunch to work with you. Preparing your own lunch will help you adhere to a healthy well balanced diet.

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